stone west homes

At Stone West Homes we hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality, superior craftsmanship and attention-to-detail, while maintaining an intense focus on customer satisfaction. We take on each client with the utmost care and professionalism and strive to meet your needs in every situation.

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CivicWorks is a specialized, Calgary-based planning and design consulting firm with over 50 years of combined team experience offering comprehensive advisory services and expertise to private sector land development clients throughout Alberta. Our core professional planning and design expertise is effectively complemented by strategic partnerships with other specialized professional firms.



Formed Alliance Architecture Studio (FAAS) is a full service Calgary-based architectural firm that provides complete design, technical and construction services. Our firm has extensive knowledge in a variety of sectors, with special attention paid to infrastructural, residential, and pre-design work. 

FAAS employs three principle processes into the delivery of their projects: rational analytics, harmonics, and big data. Combining these three processes with regular collaboration, team discussion, and research results in innovative, fresh, and exciting design solutions. A creative design process is tailored for each project that comes through the office, which ensures that every client is delivered the unique and high-quality product that they envisioned.


NAVAGRAH Landscape Architecture + Urban Design

Navagrah is a creative enterprise engaged in crafting innovative and context sensitive landscapes and urban spaces. Every project of Navagrah is a manifestation of the belief that well-crafted outdoor spaces have the ability to transform, enrich and improve our lives.

Design as a community building tool, context as the guiding force and an unwavering commitment to quality work are the three pillars of culture and values at Navagrah.